HalzLock® Clamping Square Mini

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Introducing Clamping Square Mini

Elevate your woodworking precision with HalzLock Clamping Square Mini, the perfect solution for your smaller projects. Crafted with precision and ingenuity, these mini clamping squares bring the convenience and accuracy just like regular size clamps to your workshop, ensuring flawless assembly every time.

Precision for Small-Scale Projects

With legs just 2.3" long, HalzLock Clamping Square Mini are tailor-made for controlling the assembly of small jewelry boxes and intricate gift boxes with unparalleled precision. Despite their compact size, these mini clamping squares retain all the exceptional features of our original Clamping Squares, providing you with the tools you need for flawless craftsmanship on a smaller scale.

Versatility Beyond Expectations

Don't let their size fool you – HalzLock Clamping Square Mini are versatile enough to tackle a wide range of woodworking tasks. From furniture and cabinet construction to drawer and shelf openings, these mini clamping squares are your go-to solution for squaring up assemblies with ease. They seamlessly integrate with your existing collection of "F" or "C" clamps for added flexibility.


Material: Aluminum Alloy
Item Dimensions: 82.68 x 5.12 x 2.3 inches
Angle: 90° right angle
Application: Wood, Metal, ABS
Surface Treatment: Anodised
Quantity: 1 Set includes 2 Squares and 4 Hooks

Precision-crafted for peak performance


Experience unparalleled woodworking precision with HalzLock® Clamping Square Mini, ensuring flawless alignment of each corner


Benefit from enhanced stability and precision in your projects, thanks to the robust design of HalzLock®


From furniture assembly to intricate cabinetry work, HalzLock® Clamping Square Mini are your go-to tool for a wide range of woodworking applications

Standing Out from the Competition

HalzLock VS Other Squares

Are you tired of wrestling with clamps that just can't keep up? Here's why HalzLock® Clamping Square Mini outshine other devices

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Ideal Projects for HALZLOCK®

Furniture Construction

Cabinet Making

Picture Framing

Woodworking DIY

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